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240117_개별국가 Crypto 규제 비교 한국, 미국, 유럽.png

Jan 17, 2023


Combining and comparing our reports on crypto regulations in USA, Europe, Korea.

Greenfield Review.png

Nov 1, 2023


Utility Review of Greenfield Based on Greenfield Whitepaper.

이지스벤처스 가상자산 시장 내 유동성 분석 – (1) 서론_한국 내 5개 거래소를 대상으로

Aug 17, 2023


Introduction part of Analysis of Liquidity in the Virtual Asset Market: Market Focusing on South Korea.

230705_ETF의 구조와 Bitcoin ETF의 현황 분석(2) 과거 리스팅 된 ETF와 Blackrock의 의미 향후 방향을 중심으로.png

July 5, 2023


A complementary version of the previously created report.

이지스벤처스 위믹스의 가상자산 발행 회계처리의 쟁점 정리

May 31, 2023


summarize the Accounting Treatment Issues in Wemix's Virtual Asset Issuance.

이지스벤처스 STO Research (5) 유럽의 Crypto 규제 (발행-운영) – MiCA (Proposal for a REGULATION on Markets in

Apr 26, 2023


About MiCA (Proposal for a REGULATION on Markets in Crypto-assets)

이지스벤처스 STO Research (3) 국가별 금융정책 규제기관 비교 Part2 미국

Apr 12, 2023


Explanation of the background of SEC's establishment and SEC's regulatory direction.

230322_망 중립성 쟁점.png

Mar 22, 2023


Brief Explanation: Background and Current Status of Net  Neutrality.

231227_CBDC 도입에 대한 효익검토 – 조세행정절차 간소화를 중점으로

Dec 27, 2023


Review focusing on the simplification of tax administrative procedures in Korea.

231025_개별국가 Crypto 규제 비교 미국, 유럽, 한국.png

Oct 25, 2023


Summarize and compare the crypto regulations of each country covered in the previous reports.

이지스벤처스 SEC v. Ripple Labs 등 3인 판결의 재구성

July 28, 2023


Explanation of the SEC v. Ripple Labs Court Judgment in Table Form.⠀

230628)ETF의 구조와 Bitcoin ETF의 현황 분석(1) ETF 구조 일반 소개.png

June 28, 2023


(1) part describes ETF Structure, Market Participants, and Basic Concepts  involved in ETF products.

230517_나이지리아 ICT 산업 접근성 조사 – DEFI 대체가능성을 중점으로.png

May 17, 2023 


Research of accessibility in the Nigeria ICT industry focusing on the applicability of DEFI.

이지스벤처스 STO Research (4) Howey Test

Apr 20, 2023


Determining Whether a Contract Qualifies as a Security Through the Howey Test.

이지스벤처스 STO Research (2) 국가별 금융정책규제기관 비교, Part1 한국

Apr 5, 2023


Explanation of South Korea's Financial Policies and Regulatory Agencies.

이지스벤처스 Digital asset Overview

Mar 10, 2023


Main issues in blockchain market from 2009 to the present.⠀

암호자산 Airdrop 생태계 개괄_’22 ~ ’23 시행한 4개 프로젝트를 중심으로.png

Dec 13, 2023


Explain the overview of the airdrop ecosystem by focusing on APT, SUI, BLUR, and ARB.

이지스벤처스 Web 3.0과 Web3의 개념

Sep 27, 2023


Brief explanation of the history of the Web and the differences between Web 3.0 and Web3.

230713_캄보디아 가상자산거래소 사업 타당성 분석.png

July 13, 2023


Analyzing the Feasibility of Exchange Business in Cambodia from Multiple Perspectives.

이지스벤처스 Haru Investment - B&S Holdings 사건 조사

June 21, 2023


The investigation focuses on the Haru incident, with an emphasis on Haru subsidiary companies.

230503_가상자산 관련법 한국 입법 동향.png

May 3, 2023


Describing legislative trends in virtual asset-related laws in Korea based on Assembly meetings.

이지스벤처스 Digital Asset을 어떻게 정의해야 하는가 – 화폐의 사용예와 학설을 중심으로

Apr 19, 2023


Exploring the concept of Digital Asset, focusing on the usage and theories of currency.

이지스벤처스 STO Research (1) 투자계약증권의 등장

Mar 29, 2023


Introduction of investment contract securities in Korea and related issues.

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